What I Packed

I’ll start by saying I overpacked, which is unfortunate, but as I travel and learn what I like to use and wear, I’ll ditch the excess.

My Bags
I have 2 packs, a 50 liter interal frame pack by Osprey (the women’s Aura 50) and a tiny day pack by North Face, which if I had to guess is close to 15 liters. The larger pack is made for women, meaning it is shorter and has narrower shoulder straps that are countered to fit a woman. I used it for 2 months in Asia a few years ago and was perfectly happy with it. I’ve also used on short trips to Mexico, Germany and France and it’s been great.
The small grey North Face pack is actually my mom’s and was bought in 2002. Since it has had limited use in the last 11 years it is still in good shape. It’s also quite small, which is what I wanted. I don’t need a large carryon.

Small Day Pack
This carries all of my electronics and is my carryon for the flights to Auckland.

Tablet and keyboard
Chargers and cables
Flash Drive- (my tablet is only 16GB and my phone is 8GB, the flash drive contains all my music and movies and is an extra 32GB of storage)
Camera + charger, extra batteries and SD cards and case
Wallet- which contains my passport, credit cards and phone (I entered the 21st century and now have a smart phone, a Google Nexus 4)
First aid kit (for my burn and antibiotics that I am currently on)

The pack is fairly full but it’s a small pack  so I don’t feel bad using all of the space.

Large Pack
This has everything else, including shoes, clothing, toiletries and miscellaneous extras.
This is where I think I overpacked. Here goes.
6 pairs of socks
8 pairs of underwear
2 bras (um, I may only own 2 bras)
1 bathing suit
2 sports bras
3 workout tops (2 can be worn as normal tops)
2 workout shorts
1 pair workout leggings
1 pair full length leggings
1 pair 3/4 length leggings
2 pairs of jeans
1 skirt
2 long sleeve dresses
4 long sleeve shirts
3 short sleeve shirts
3 sleeveless tops 
1 cardigan
1 hoodie
1 pair grey converse (replaced the insoles with superfeet insoles, what a difference)
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of hiking/ walking shoes
I also have 1 long sleeve workout shirt and a pair of cotton shorts for pajamas.

These take up SO. MUCH. SPACE. I am shocked. Perhaps I also overpacked in this area too. We’ll see.

Mouthwash (x2)
Toothpaste (x2)

Brush (which I accidentally broke the handle off of months ago, it is now conveniently travel sized)
Leave-in conditioner

Razor + Extra Cartridges (I use a dude razor. Cheaper than chick razors and I find they are better quality)
Chapstick (Go Pfizer!)

This whole section was also an indulgence, but it all fit in a tiny tiny travel sized toiletry bag so I let it go. 

Nail Polish (having painted toe nails makes me so happy so I took it)
Tiny gold bag of jewelry
Powder + Brush
Eye Shadow + Brush
Eye Liner + Sharpener
Tiny Scissors
Nail Clippers
Lip Gloss

When I went to Asia 4 years ago I brought no make-up and no jewelery. My how times have changed. I like wearing make-up and jewelery and wear it pretty regularly; it makes me feel comfortable and good about myself, so I brought it. Don’t judge.

Other misc items
Small purse
Jacket- the highs right now are only high 50s to 60F. Certainly long sleeve and jacket weather.

Everything fits rather well in my 50L pack. It’s not full by any means but it is more full than I intended (this may be related to me packing ~60 minutes before I left for the aiport). Though it’s more than I wanted to bring I don’t feel bad about anything I packed. If I find I’m not using or wearing some stuff, I’ll ditch it.

All of this is intended to last me the next 4 months and 2 seasons in New Zealand/ Australia (spring and summer). If you follow along over the next few months I’ll peridocially update what I’ve kept, tossed, acquired, loved and hated.

Also, I have photos of everything I packed but I haven’t been able to find a good enough internet connection to upload them. At some point I’ll edit this post and include photos. Until then, it’s just text.


One thought on “What I Packed

  1. Hi, this is Clara Kelly from Pfizer.

    I’m glad to see that you are having fun and seeing a lot. We are chugging along here at work. I just got back myself from vacation. I spent 3 weeks in Italy and France, 17 days of it exploring with the bicycle and the rest wandering cities on foor. If you want to lighten your pack, I suggest giving some of those clothes to the Salvation Army or New Zealand equivalent. You don’t need much at all to get by – handwash quick dry clothes goes a long way.

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