NZ Geography 101

I realize that many of you are unfamiliar with the geography of New Zealand. I for sure was and still am. So, good people, I am going to teach you. Or at least outline so basic (Northern) geography and then show you, with maps and paint, where I’ve been.

Here is NZ. It is made up of 2 islands, North Island and South Island.


While Auckland is the largest city, it is not the capital, that is Wellington. I flew into Auckland on the North Island, then headed up north. Anything north of Auckland is called Northland.


Here is a zoomed in map of Northland, with my route outlined.


G = Auckland

B = Whangarei

C = Paihia

D = Cape Reinga

E = Ahipara

F = Kaitaia

In the next few days I am going to head south, here is my proposed route.

southern route

F = Auckland

B = Tauranga

C = Rotorua

D = Taupo

E = Hamilton

I only have about 12 days so this is too ambitious. I might only make it to Tauranga, Rotorua and maybe Taupo. I don’t want to rush Rotorua or Taupo so if I am running out of time I’ll head back to Auckland a bit early, hang out here for a bit, then head south again.

Hope this helps!


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