Auckland – Part Tres and Take 4

Friday afternoon (after Waiheke, so we’re talking like 3.5 weeks ago) I arrived back in Auckland. After some lunch and a quick run to the grocery store, I get ready for… a date! True Story! with Chris. The lovely guy who I met at gymnastics, who drove me back to my hostel and took me to a crossfit class. Perhaps this is an overshare considering I work with many of the people that read this blog, but whatever, I do what I want.

Anyway, the date went well and the main reason I mention this at all is that Chris offered me his flat (and his car) for the last 17 days while he is away on vacation. Wha? you say. Yeah, me too. I had known this guy for less than a week.

I am pretty sure this is what people mean when they say Kiwi’s are friendly and generous (Chris isn’t Kiwi but that’s neither here nor there. I digress). Needless to say, I took him up on his offer.  Saturday night I spent in my hostel, then on Sunday morning I packed up and moved to Chris’ flat. You can read about luxurious flat living in my previous post.

I spent Sunday through Wednesday in his flat. During that time I mostly took advantage of cable, fast internet, a real towel and a well furnished kitchen. I went to crossfit and gymnastics and planned an 11 day road trip south.

A post about the road trip is coming.

I returned Saturday afternoon (10 days ago).

My time in Auckland was virtually a repeat of 2 and 3 weeks ago. I was catching up on emails, cooking, enjoying the fast internet and blogging. I’ve been to both crossfit and gymnastics and on Tuesday I left for Waiheke (yes, again, the weather was crap last time I was there).

Oh! I bought some shoes. Really freaking expensive shoes. It’s killing me. Since everything is imported here, it’s extremely expensive and it’s taxed like mad. I needed some shoes for working out. It never crossed my mind that I’d be doing crossfit so I did not bring workout shoes. All I have are hiking shoes, sandals and chucks, none of which are appropriate for working out. I broke down and bought some Nike Frees. These specifically.


(Achem. This image is from Zappos. These shoes are $72 USD on that site. This color is on sale. Regular price is $95 USD).

Want to know how much I paid for these? I’m shaking my head just thinking about it. $140 USD. I just… I’m speechless. $17 of that is tax. But what was my other option? Everything is that much more expensive here. I thought about buying them online but Amazon doesn’t carry many items that they ship internationally (they don’t have these) and Zappos does not ship at all internationally. For shoes that I did find on Amazon, it’s about $20 for shipping and customs charges plus it would take 1-2 weeks. So I don’t know what my other option was. Maybe there wasn’t one. That $140 is eating me up though.  Especially when I could have gotten them for HALF THE PRICE if I were in the US. Sigh… Nothing I can do about it. I would never, ever be able to buy them for that price here 😦


One thought on “Auckland – Part Tres and Take 4

  1. The sad part: I have two brand new pairs of those (diff colors), still sitting in the boxes, not even laced, with the paper stuffed in the toes, and they would prob fit you. I am crying for you. 😦
    On the plus side: Boston and NJ will feel like a bargain when you are home for Christmas!

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