Tunnel Beach

My last full day in Dunedin (I know, this was a while ago) I wanted to go to Tunnel Beach. There are many good nature spots around Dunedin but all require a car which I don’t have. I looked in to renting one but could not justify the cost. Tunnel Beach is one of those places, though it is a bit closer than other attractions and is fairly accessible by public bus- take the bus to the end of the line then walk a half hour, not too bad really. Being cheap, I did not want to pay for the bus, which would have been close to $5 each way, so I walked, with the plan to take the bus back if I was tired.
It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. Hot actually. Really freaking hot. I was in full sun for most of the walk. The worst part of the walk was a 15 minute uphill climb, other than that it was quite flat. There was even a sidewalk the entire time, minus the final 15-20 ish minutes. That part though was quite rural and flat so you could see or hear a car long before it was close. Total walking time: 1hr 40min. Not bad.
Once I arrived, I had to hike down maybe 20 minutes to get to the beach. The views were incredible.
Everything about that spot was beautiful. Once I got to the edge of the large rock, I plopped down, ate lunch, rested and read. It was glorious.
After about 2 hours I started the walk back. I tried to explore down on the shore a bit but it was high tide so you couldn’t walk around much.
While I was walking back up to the road I figured I’d skip the bus and hitchhike back. I must be the most unintimidating person ever because I did not even have to hitch. A guy randomly stopped and asked if I wanted a ride back to town. Of course I said yes. We chatted a bit, I told him I was in Dunedin for the Masters Games and he said that the results were in the paper. Then gave me his paper to keep. Indeed, my name was in there! I thanked him profusely for the ride and then walked the remaining 40min back to my hostel.
It was fantastic and I’m happy I decided to go. The only downside was a nasty blister I got on my left heel.
Regardless, it was a lovely way to end my time in Dunedin.


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