Where I am

A quick update on my travel plan. For clarity really, since my last posts are about things I’ve been doing and not where I’ve been or plan to go.

After the Master’s Games, I stayed in Dunedin for a few more days before boarding a bus to Te Anau. Te Anau is the jumping off point for cruises to both Doubtful and Milford Sound. I chose an overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound and it was spectacular. The only downside was that we did not get a tour of the hydroelectric power plant. Oh. Em. Gee. I really wanted to see that plant. It looked freaking INCREDIBLE! The pictures were amazing. I was so disappointed that the cruise I chose did not go on a tour of the plant, but alas, it was $150 cheaper than any other option. So goes it.

After the cruise, I caught a ride with a guy I met on the boat to Queenstown. I was in Queenstown for just one night before I headed an hour north to Wanaka. All told, I spent 10 nights in Wanaka and it is one of my favorite places in NZ. From Wanaka, I took the bus 5 hours north to Franz Josef, which is a small town that exists exclusively because of an easily accessible glacier. I stayed in FJ for three nights, then headed 35 minutes south to Fox, which is essentially a replica of FJ, only a bit smaller. I was booked in for three night there, but I cancelled my second two night. This was a stellar decision and I thank myself for making this choice.

After my one night in Fox I took a bus back to Wanaka. I know it seems ridiculous to be going north only to come back south but I have my reasons. Mainly, a guy from my hostel in Waiheke is celebrating his birthday in Queenstown this coming weekend and I want to be there for that. So, I have 2 nights in Wanaka (where I did laundry, relaxed, worked out and enjoyed civilization again). Tomorrow afternoon I’m catching a bus back to Queenstown, where I’ll spend 6 days. I was not impressed when I was there over 2 weeks ago, but hopefully I’ll enjoy myself. At least I’ll have some friends arriving there soon.

After my 6 nights in Queenstown I am flying up to Auckland (via a bus to Dunedin, it was over $150 cheaper to fly from Dunedin than Queenstown) to meet up with a friend that is coming to visit from the USA!! We are heading to Taupo for 4-5 days then unknown…. Travel Buddy FTW! (Dad-that means For The Win! Mom told me you read my blog. You might be the only one).

After my 2 weeks with him, I have no idea what I am going to do. Finish the North Island? Head south and finish the South Island? Go back (yet again) to Wanaka and try to find a job and relax for a month, then finish up my traveling? We’ll see.

I do however, need to be back in Auckland by June 18th. That is when I officially leave NZ. To head to…


Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that one. My family is going on vacation in Prague and Vienna and I’m heading out there a little early. I chose Romania (and Moldova, a small landlocked country east of Romania) because it’s fairly close to Prague and it’s cheap. I’ll be there for 4 weeks before I meet up with my brothers, sister in law and parents in Prague.

Aside- eventually I’ll travel Eastern Europe properly so in my 4 weeks there I didn’t want to be bouncing all over the place. 2 countries it is! And even that will be tough.

The fam will be there for 2 weeks, then I plan to stay another 2 weeks and visit friends in Germany, Finland and maybe Norway.

Time is moving so fast. I can’t believe it’s already March. Just 3ish more months and I’ll be on a plane to Romania. And then home, to the good old USA. And back to Boston. And real life. Noooo!!!!


7 thoughts on “Where I am

  1. I read your blog religiously (Pfizer Bob – FTW) and frequently forward posts to my twin daughters (high school seniors – one pre-med, one environmental engineering) to encourage them that you can have OCD wicked bad and still have a fun and meaningful existence.

  2. I read this!! What else would I do at my desk job other than read this and look at pictures and wish I was anywhere except this desk!! I might have made one of your pictures the background on my double 24inch monitors. its almost like an imax screen that way.

    1. This is true. James has commented on a few of my posts. Gah! Lydia! I will see you in Prague in a few months. We’ve done more traveling since you joined the fam. I like it.

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