Day in the life- 17 April

7:15am- wake up. Ugh. Its early. Doze for a bit. Check my email and the weather.

7:45- get out of bed. Head downstairs for coffee and to make breakfast. Get coffee right away and drink it while watching BBC news.

8:00- start preparing breakfast which is free at the hostel. Corn flakes and milk. Plus toast with cheese and jam and a small salad of arugula, cucumber and hard boiled egg. Gchat with a friend in the US as I’m eating.

8:45- clean up!

9:00- head up to my room to change and get ready for the day.

9:20- look at a map and decide to change my plan. Develop new plan for 10 minutes before deciding to stick to original plan.

9:35- leave hostel. Wear new pants I bought yesterday.
They don’t fit that well and I’m not a huge fan of them but they were cheap and I was desperate. Pair them with my oh so cool running shoes.

9:40- walk the long way so that I can go through Cismigu gardens.
10:10- see a random old building and take a bit of a detour.
10:25- make it to the museum. Pay my 10 lei and begin. I am not the biggest fan at first. It starts in medieval times and literally it looks like they are just showing me rocks. Nothing has English.

10:40- make it to WWI and WWII. Much more entertaining. Many of these exhibits are also in English.

11:00- go outside and see all this.
Meander around for 25 minutes.

11:25- leave the museum. Overall it was meh. It was only 10 lei.

11:35- its cold out and I’m hungry so I stop at a cafe.
Unfortunately it looks better than it tasted. Use the free wifi to look up how to get to Piata Obor, a big market.

12:00pm- walk to the nearest metro stop, gara de nord. It is just a 2 min walk away. I am taking it three stops to Obor. The station looks, not surprisingly, like a metro  anywhere. Train arrives at 12:06. Also not surprising, everyone is on their smart phone or iPod. There are lighted signs that show the current and next stop, as well as connecting metro and bus routes. They flash in Romanian then English. Announcements are only in Romanian.

12:13- off the train and walking to the market. Whoa.
Overwhelming I think is the best description. I did buy green onions, radishes, strawberries, a baguette and some apples. I wandered mostly.

1:22- bought a new ticket and am waiting for the train to arrive. To get back to my hostel I have to transfer lines from M1 to M2.
2:00- arrive back at my hostel, having stopped at the ATM on my way back. Prepare a delicious snack with some of my spoils from the market.
Eat while chatting with a friend from home. Decide to eat lunch as well. Watch BBC and chat with people from the hostel.

3:00- relaxation time. Except a friend messaged me about tickets to Europeans championships so I bought those.

3:30- now relaxation time. Perhaps I’m not entirely over the jet lag. Sleep time.

5:40- wake up from my glorious nap. Still tired but definitely feeling better. 15 min later a new roommate comes in and she is from Australia. We talk for the next 30-40 minutes.

6:40- getting hungry. Snack? Dinner? Coffee first. Its always available at my hostel. I also bring my computer and work on some blog entries. I actually have like 5 entries written, but not published. I still haven’t figured out a good system for getting my photos in to my posts. I write and chat with the hostel owner and some other people staying in the hostel.

8:00- Dinner!
Leftovers from last night where I cooked up a storm. I chat with some travelers I thought didn’t speak English as their first language. Turns out they are Irish. I am still not sure they speak English to each other.

8:35- done and all cleaned up.

8:40- email back and forth with my mom about what I can do with the boatload of strawberries I bought. She suggests strawberry shortcake. I look up recipes. I also plan my day for tomorrow.

9:15- make some tea. Cut up an orange.
Get on my computer to investigate/ buy my train ticket to Brasov and my finances. Continue to email with my Mom and chat with a friend from home. That’s 4 different people from home I’ve talked to today. Chat with the hostel owner.

10:20- I am really not over the jet lag. Feeling incredibly sleepy. I did cross 9 timezones and travel for 39 hours just 5 days ago. Time to get ready for bed.

11:25- I’ve been reading in bed. Got 3 more new Aussie female roommates. Pretty sweet. I am tired though and they are still talking. They won’t stop talking so I just keep reading my book.

12:00am- they finally turn off the light and stop their chit chat. Sleep time.


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