Where the heck am I?

It’s been a month. Over a month, actually, that I’ve been MIA from this blog. My posts stopped in Romania and since then I’ve been to 6 more countries. Eeeek. Now the question is, how do I update about all that? Ermm…. I don’t know. For now though, I’ll tell you about my last week.

Right now I’m in Croatia. I took the train from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Zagreb last Tuesday. I spent 2 days in Zagreb (even finding adult gymnastics!) before boarding a bus to Zadar.
Zadar is about 3.5 hours from Zagreb and used to be part of the Venetian empire. The old town part of Zadar used to be an island, and looks very similar to Venice, narrow walk/ passageways all over with small cafes and stores tucked in everywhere.
There’s no cars in old town either, as the walkways are too narrow. It also has a beautiful boardwalk that goes around almost the entirety of the former island, now peninsula. Zadar also, arguably, has one of the best sunsets in the world. I believe it.

Luckily, my very good friend from college, Katarina, was going to be in Zadar with her mom. I actually met up with Kat in Istanbul as well. Kat’s parents are from Croatia, her dad from Zagreb and her mom Zadar, and much of her family on both sides is still here. Plus both she and her mom speak Croatian. Anyway, they have an apartment in Zadar, where we all stayed Friday night. Her mom cooked dinner, we got ice cream, drank coffee, enjoyed the sun and the sunset. It was beautiful.

Plus their apartment is really nice. It has 2 terraces, 2 bedrooms, WiFi, A/C, washer, just everything you’d need. Kat stayed in one bedroom with her mom so I got a double bed, and a bedroom all to myself. It was glorious, simply glorious. The next morning I slept in, had a lazy breakfast, then we all caught the ferry to Silba, which is an island about 90 minutes by high speed ferry from Zadar. Kat’s parents built a house on Silba about 12 years ago.

Silba is small, just a few hundred permanent residents, though that number increases by almost 10x in the summer. It has a few restaurants, a few cafes and that’s pretty much it. It’s pedestrian only, no cars, which is amazing. In the summer, they do not even allow bicycles.
Their house on Silba is beautiful. It’s 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, huge terraces and balconies and lovely views of the water.
Best of all, there’s NO wifi.  I spent a lot of time reading. Our days were pretty low key. They went down something like this:

Wake up around 9ish. Read. Have coffee. Eat breakfast. Read some more. Around 11:30 we’d head to the beach. Hang out there for about 2 hours, lay in the sun, go in the water, read. In the early afternoon we’d head to a cafe for some wifi and coffee, then head back to the house for lunch. Read some more, maybe nap, perhaps go in the water again, shower then head to dinner. Maybe have ice cream. Have some tea and read a bit more before going to bed. It was glorious. So relaxing.
After a few days on Silba we took an early morning ferry back to Zadar. That was yesterday. I took a nap then went to workout before dinner. One great thing about being here is the amount of seafood I’ve been eating. It’s fresh and delicious. I used to be very so-so about seafood. That might be an understatement. I basically would not eat it. In the past few days I’ve enjoyed grilled, whole squid, pan seared white fish and these shrimpy looking things that have claws. I did have to pretend I wasn’t eating squid tentacles or whatever, but once I got over that it was SO good. I think the squid was my favorite.
Kat is heading back to the USA on Friday but I’m going to stick around Zadar for a bit. She and her mom said I could stay and use the apartment for as long as I wanted. Her mom is staying here for another 2 weeks, but even if she were not, I’d still be free to use the apartment, which is incredibly generous of them. There are a few day trips I’d like to do while here. One is to a national park that is supposed to be beautiful, tons of waterfalls and lovely hikes. I can also take an overnight ferry to Italy, Ancona. Kat’s mom said Ancona is the ugliest city she’s ever seen in her life, but from there I can take a train to Florence or Rome. So I may consider going to Florence for a few days. We’ll see.
The one thing I do have planned is a 7 days cruise from Split to Dubrovnik that leaves on 28 June. So I need to be in Split by the 27th. Besides that, no other plans, though I most likely will remain in Croatia until then.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Maybe I’ll update about the past 6 weeks sometime. Then again, maybe not.


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