What’s that? Again?!

It’s been just over 2 years since I returned to Boston after 11 months of traveling. Boston was an easy choice- I had career contacts, a built in social circle through friends and family, I knew the neighborhoods and where to live; coming back to Boston made my transition in to ‘normal life’ relatively easy. Lately though, I envision living someplace other than Boston, at least for a bit. At first I was set on Ireland, though my interest has waned due to potential visa issues and weather. So I began searching the US for biotech, gymnastics, better weather and someplace not in the northeast. Where did that land me? Almost as far from Boston as you can get. San Diego, California.

Outside of Boston (and maybe NJ), San Diego has the highest concentration of biotechnology companies, there’s at least 2 gyms with adult gymnastics, average highs vary from 60-78F throughout the entire year (no snow! no shoveling!) and there’s the added bonus of my brother, sister in-law and nephew living 120 miles away in the suburbs of LA.  Seems pretty ideal to me.

But! If I’m going to pack up my life, quit my job and move across the country, I may as well take a vacation, too. An extended vacation. An extended international vacation. Naturally. As one does.

Sooo…. On November 3rd I’m headed to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia for 7 weeks. This time though, instead of traveling alone, I’ll have a travel buddy. A male travel buddy, who happens to be moving to San Diego with me, who is the very same “friend” that came to visit me in New Zealand. I believe his photo has even appeared on this blog. IMG_0750

NZ-March 2014


A friends wedding- September 2016

As long as I don’t murder him while we’re in Asia, we’ll drive the 2800 miles in late December/ early January from New Jersey to San Diego. That should be as much fun as the 16hr flight to Hong Kong. Already looking forward to it.

Once we get to San Diego, well, we probably won’t have a place to live, it’s unlikely we’ll have jobs, we’ll be relatively low in savings and we won’t have any friends. Really setting ourselves up for success over here. That’ll be a lot to overcome, but once we have a place to live and at least one of us has a job, I think life will stabilize quickly. Crossing my fingers that only takes a few weeks.

One thing at a time though. Right now I need to apply for jobs and pack up my life, with a side of friend time for the last few weeks I’m in Boston.


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