The Plan

When I tell people we are quitting our jobs and traveling to Asia for 7 weeks, most ask, “Where are you going? What’s your plan?”

My answer: “ummm… well… we don’t really have a plan.”

I’m not a planner when it comes to travel, especially long term travel. You never know which places you’ll love and which places are just meh.

After 11 months on the road, I developed my own ‘planning template’. It went like so:

  • Book 2-4 nights in one spot
  • If I like it the first day, add some extra nights to my reservation
  • If I don’t like it, book my transport out and my hostel at the next place

That worked pretty well in NZ and Eastern Europe so I expect we’ll follow a similar strategy in SE Asia (considering I’m the one who books our hostels and flights and generally I’m… uhh… a bit of an inflexible know it all, we’ll definitely be following this strategy). Right now, we have a barebones outline of ‘The Plan’.


  • 04 November: Arrive in Hong Kong. 4 nights at the Hilton (courtesy of John’s parents). Recover from 16 hr flight. Sleep for days.
  • 08 November: Flight to Hanoi (Booked- $88)
  • 08 November through 05 December: Travel the Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand region. I expect we’ll move south through Vietnam, cross in to Cambodia and then make our way to Bangkok, perhaps with a stop in northern Thailand in the Chiang Mai region.
  • 05 December: Flight from Bangkok to Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Spend 5 nights at the Anantara Vacation Club, Seminyak, Bali (courtesy of my parents).
  • 10-19 December: Work our way north to either Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur.
  • 20 December: Flight to Hong Kong
  • 21 December: Flight from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ. Hopefully have enough funds to upgrade to first class. Like the baller I am.
  • January-ish: Move to CA. Be poor, homeless, jobless and friendless. Sad face.
  • January-ish: At least I’m not poor, homeless, jobless and friendless with snow on the ground. So really I’m winning

I do not have a job yet though there have been interviews (including one yesterday that went… kind of terribly. Do you remember the types of bonds in DNA? No? Me neither. Luckily I had a more promising interview earlier in the week). I’m hoping to get an offer before we move and negotiate relocation assistance as part of the offer. That’s best case. That would probably decrease the stress level significantly.

So there you have it. ‘The Plan’ (really just a series of guesses, of which only 10% is actually booked). Cheers!


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