16 hrs and 8000 miles

The flight to Hong Kong is the longest single flight I’ve ever taken. Hong Kong is just over 8,000 miles from NJ. Averaging ~500 mph on a 777, it takes about 16 hours to travel that distance. Of course, we’re flying coach (though United did offer first class for an extra $3000 per person per flight), so 16 hrs needs a solid game plan if you want to come out on the other side not hating life. My #1 suggestion is drugs. Personally, I like Tylenol PM or Benadryl but take whatever is going to knock you out. May as well add some booze in there too. Pro Tip: Booze is usually free on long haul international flights. Pro Tip 2: If you plan on sleeping during the flight, opt for a window seat. You can lean against the side of the plane which makes sleeping much more comfortable.

Our flight left at 3:45pm. Well it was scheduled to leave at 3:45. We pushed back from the gate at 4:50 after getting on the plane at 3:15. Awesome. I stayed awake for about 4 hours finishing a novel. Around 9pm, close to my normal bed time, I took 2 Benadryl (which per the package, expired in March of 2013. Meh). Pretty sure I slept for the next 10 hours. John said he was considering waking me up to make sure I was still alive. THIS WHAT YOU WANT! Pass out for 10 of the 16 hours. When I woke up, they were serving breakfast. I watched an episode and a half of Chopped and then we landed. Major, major win.

Immigration and customs were a breeze. Barely a line at immigration and no lines or bag checking at customs. FYI- No visa is required for Hong Kong though a visa is required for mainland China. From customs, it’s a short walk to the MTR (mass transit railway) that takes you straight to the city center. The MTR ride was about 35 minutes but it was the nicest subway/ railway I’ve ever taken. Luggage racks, USB plug-ins, free WiFi and it was so quiet (I might have to do a separate post to gush about the MTR).

Once in the city center, there’s a free hotel shuttle (I think 6 or 8 different lines) that will bring you on a short loop right to your hotel front entrance. We were staying at The Conrad, which is a 5 star hotel on Hong Kong Island and only a 7 min drive from the Hong Kong MTR station.

We left John’s parents at 1:30pm on Thursday 03 November and arrived at our hotel at 10pm on Friday 04 November (Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of East Coast time). All told, we traveled over 8000 miles in a span of about 20 hours.


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